Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) What is IPDF, and what does it do?
Ans: Infrastructure Project Development Facility (IPDF) is a company set up under Section 42 of Companies Ordinance, 1984 under the umbrella of Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan. The Government has set up IPDF, to generate PPP projects with Implementing Agencies (line ministries, provincial Governments, local bodies, state owned enterprises etc.). IPDF will provide direct access to a professional PPP Unit that will help Implementing Agencies to improve proposals and prepare them for tendering, without becoming a contract signatory to those transactions. Once approved by IPDF's Project Feasibility Committee, the project may be submitted for any necessary complementary financing to a proposed independent financing body - the Infrastructure Project Financing Facility (IPFF) - for any 'residual' financing needs that are not available in the market.
PPP project evaluations will focus on, but will not be limited to, the following sectors:
(i) Transport and logistics including provincial and municipal roads, rail, seaports, airports, fishing harbors as well as warehousing, wholesale markets, seaports,     slaughter houses and cold storage.
(ii) Mass Urban Public Transport including buses, and intra and inter-city rail.
(iii) Municipal Services including water supply and sanitation; solid waste management; low cost housing, and health / education facilities.
(iv) Small Scale Energy Projects other than those being facilitated by Private Power Infrastructure Board (PPIB) and the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB).

Q.2) Who owns the IPDF?
Ans: Government of Pakistan.

Q.3) Who runs IPDF? What are the Boards of Directors, and how are they selected?
Ans: IPDF has an independent Board of Directors consisting of six Directors, out of which three Directors are eminent professionals from the private sector representing non-governmental organizations, research, banking and legal professions. The Directors are nominated by the Government of Pakistan. The Chairman of the Board is the Advisor to the Prime Minister on Finance and Economic Affairs. The other two Board members from the Government are Secretary General Finance and Secretary, Planning and Development Division. The CEO, IPDF is in-charge of the day to day operations of IPDF. IPDF is envisaged to be staffed by professionals representing broadly the financial, technical and legal areas. The IPDF professional staff will be hired on a private sector pay scale which will be performance-linked. The company runs independently under commercial principles and will follow SECP codes of good governance.

Q.4) How can I contact IPDF staff?
Ans: For queries or information please visit the IPDF's website For telephonic assistance Please contact the following telephone numbers:
Tel : 00 92 51 - 9334126 & 9334130
Fax : 00 92 51 - 9334092  
The address of IPDF is as follows:
House # 611, Street 37, E-11/3, Islamabad.

Q.5) Where does IPDF get its money?
Ans: IPDF is fully funded by the Government for a five year period. It is envisaged that in future cost of the technical assistance provided by IPDF will be funded through the recovery from the winning bidders of the project development costs and utilize these proceeds for funding future PPP projects.

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